"The Houston Post's Woman's World," Houston Post Ushers Uniforms Women Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) 04/04/1965 Clipping English Text Henderson-Large-002a ; Henderson-Large-002b 1965-04-04 Page 2 of Article, "Just What's Going On Under the Dome" Food Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) circa 1965 Clipping English Text Henderson-B5-061 1965 "The Skyboxes," Houston Astros Magazine Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) Undated Pages from magazine English Text Henderson-B5-047 1990 Newspaper Article Clippings, Houston Post Houston Astros (Baseball team) Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) September 15 and 23, 1965 Clipping English Text Henderson-B5-046 1965-09 "Dine in the Dome--Steaks to Hot Dogs" Food Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) 04/04/1965 Document (draft?) English Text Henderson-B5-040 1969-04-05 Clipping, "Baseball is Fun in the Astrodome!" Baseball Houston Astros (Baseball team) Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) Dick Shannon and his Astronuts Undated Cliping Advertisement English Text Henderson-B2-029r ". . . Any Style! Gourmet Food" Food Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) Undated Pages from magazine Page from scrapbook English Text HendersonMemorbilia-008 Photograph, Mezzanine-level Concession Staff Employees Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) 1974 Photographic print Still image Ruiz-Diann-007 1974 Mug from the DomeSkeller Restaurant Inside the Astrodome Tableware Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) late 1960's Tableware English Physical object Montenegro-010 late 1960's Astrodome Glassware Astrodome (Houston, Tex.) Undated Tableware English Physical object Ross-001