Bert Brandt]]> Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library]]> King Chou Wong]]> Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library]]> King Chou Wong]]> Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library]]> Community contributions]]> Astrodomain]]> Community contributions]]> Community contributions]]> Houston Sports Association]]> Community contributions]]> Gallagher, Jack]]> Community contributions]]> Community contributions]]> Community contributions]]> ]]> Squires, Sydney]]> Vaught, Bill]]> Community contributions]]> Anderson, Ralph]]> Lloyd & Morgan]]> Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson]]> Elliott, Bill]]> Doss, Richard P.]]> Moore, Walter P.]]> Cooper, Dale S.]]> Lloyd, Morgan & Jones]]> Lockwod, Andrews & Newnam]]> Lott-Drake]]> WMCA]]> Farnsworth, Alan]]>]]> Harris County Archives]]> Lowe, Jet]]>]]> Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division]]> -- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of a courtroom; Leslie Douglas Ashley is shown.
-- Dome Grass Paint, Date: " / /65": Footage of men spraying paint onto the field of the Astrodome.
-- Ashley, Date: " / /65": Brief footage of a man being asked his return trip from Atlanta, Georgia; Interview with an unidentified man about Leslie Douglas Ashley: whether an insane person can waive any rights or is entitled to an attorney, and was Ashley legally extradited from Georgia by the sheriff’s deputies of Wharton County.
-- Duke and Dutchess, Date: " / /65": The Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson) visit Houston; Prince Edward is shown exiting a Rolls Royce parked on a runway in front of an airplane, shaking hands with an unidentified man, and then being escorted through a small group of people.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of a pair of women checking voter registrations as well as scenes of people entering polling booths.
-- Hoffeinz, Date: " / /65": Footage of a small press conference; Roy Hofheinz discusses efforts to bring the National Football League to Houston and cooperation with the HAS (Houston Sports Association).
-- Bud Adams, Date: " / /65": Bud Adams describes the financial reasons behind moving the Houston Oilers to Rice Stadium.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: A woman sits on a couch in a dressing room with three men, admiring the clothes one is showing her; footage of Leslie Douglas Ashley in a courtroom.
-- Delarch-Killer, Date: " / /65": Donald David is interviewed about whether he had been mistreated at any time between being picked up by police and brought into the station; he is also asked what he did after leaving his wife in a car in North Harris, but an unseen speaker interrupts to fend off questions about the offense; footage jumps to a scene of a policeman scrutinizing the ground by a light pole.
-- Cold March Days, Date: " / /65": A man in a lab coat slowly rakes the slide of a handgun; a uniformed police officer standing outside a small brick house; inside the house, a detective investigates different rooms.]]>
KHOU-TV]]>]]> Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library]]>
-- Dome, Date: "09/09/65": Footage of interior of the Houston Astrodome being set up for a football game with grass being seeded and lines painted on the field.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of people approaching a polling location and various roadside campaign signs for state senator and state representative positions.
-- Coast Guard @ Sabine Pass, Date: "09/09/65": Footage of men doing office work at the Duty Office at the coast Guard’s Sabine Station as well as scenes of tugboats at work, Coast Guard boats patrolling the river, and docked ships.
-- Tulsa Football, Date: "09/10/65": Footage of football players for the University of Tulsa at practice.
-- Dome Seats, Date: "09/10/65": Footage of some of the Astrodome’s field dug up and tracks along which the lower seating areas could be moved.]]>
KHOU-TV]]>]]> Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library]]>
-- U/Tex Girls Clothes, Date: "07/28/65": Men examine clothing samples collected as evidence; a policeman surrounded by a crowd of students.
-- Dome Grass Lay-In, Date: "07/05/65": Interior footage of the large stadium floor covered with grass.
-- Honduras, Date: "08/01/65": Footage taken inside of a church during a meeting with several people present.
-- Grand Jury, Date: "08/02/65": Interview with a man about problems with bondsman and the need for regulation.
-- U.T. Library Fire, Date: "08/09/65": Footage of people going through the burnt remains and water-damaged items after the fire. Footage is upside down.
-- Big Cat Williams Jailed, Date: "08/13/65": Three men standing and talking.]]>
KHOU-TV]]>]]> Houston Metropolitan Research Center, Houston Public Library]]>
Walter P Moore, et. Al.]]> Wilson, Morris, Crain & Anderson]]> Praeger, Kavenagh & Waterbury]]>]]> Moore, Walter P.]]> I. A. Naman and Associates]]> Dale Cooper and Associates]]> Turney, J. G.]]> Lockwood, Andrews and Newnam, Inc.]]> Harris County Archives]]>