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Film Footage of Television News Segments from July and August, 1965


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from July and August, 1965


-- Delarch Killer, Date: "07/06/65": An interview with Donald David, the man accused of killing a cop, explaining his whereabouts before being captured; Mr. David indicates that his life had been threatened by one of the police officers. Related to footage on reels RGD033-X1-08 ; RGD033-6501-07 ; RGD033-6502-06
-- U/Tex Girls Clothes, Date: "07/28/65": Men examine clothing samples collected as evidence; a policeman surrounded by a crowd of students.
-- Dome Grass Lay-In, Date: "07/05/65": Interior footage of the large stadium floor covered with grass.
-- Honduras, Date: "08/01/65": Footage taken inside of a church during a meeting with several people present.
-- Grand Jury, Date: "08/02/65": Interview with a man about problems with bondsman and the need for regulation.
-- U.T. Library Fire, Date: "08/09/65": Footage of people going through the burnt remains and water-damaged items after the fire. Footage is upside down.
-- Big Cat Williams Jailed, Date: "08/13/65": Three men standing and talking.



July-Aug. 1965

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KHOU-TV Film Box 6501, Reel 9

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