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The Astrodome at 50: Spectacle and Sport

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Through the past 50 years, the Astrodome's steel and concrete walls have been witness to history. Among the most notable events:

  • The birth of a new Major League Baseball team, still going strong in 2015
  • A magic season for a now-departed football team in a now-dead league
  • A major Hollywood film by Robert Altman filmed in and premiering at the Astrodome
  • Stunts by Evel Kneivel
  • Selena's last major concert
  • Ronald Reagan's last major speech
  • The housing of more than 17,000 evacuees from a flooded city
  • The rise and fall of a great promoter, whose legacy lives on in every sports stadium in America

And many, many, more. Please take a stroll with us through the Astrodome's corridors one final time. Enjoy!


Liza M. Talbot and Danielle Cunniff Plumer