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Film Footage of Television News Segments from June, 1969


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from June, 1969


-- Stamp Show, Date: "06/13/69": Footage of visitors and exhibitors at the Stamp Show.
-- Von on Crime, Date: "06/11/69": Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance on the need for effective law enforcement and speedy trials.
-- Dome Sitter, Date: "06/11/69": Reporter interviews a man who is camping out at the Astrodome about his living conditions.
-- Leather Factory Fire, Date: "06/17/69": Footage of fire fighters at the scene of a fire at a leather factory.
-- NASA Runner, Date: "06/17/69": Footage of a joggers sponsored by the Rotary Club of Space City who are participating in the Apollo II Marathon run from Houston to Cape Kennedy, Florida. Sign reads: "Apollo II Marathon Run, 1,034 mi. Houston, Texas to Cap Kennedy, Florida."
-- Home Improvement, Date: "06/17/69": Women attending a presentation on low-cost home improvements.
-- F.F.A. Airport, Date: "06/11/69": A spokesman comments about the William P. Hobby Airport’s need for runway extensions and improvements.
-- Grover on Budget, Date: "06/12/69": Texas Senator Henry "Hank" Grover on tax hikes and the operations of state government.
-- County Pollution, Date: "06/12/69": Footage of a large, docked ship and a nearby railroad.
-- Horse for Cooley, Date: "06/12/69": Footage from St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, a horse trailer, and a horse being led in a parking lot.
-- Democrats Meet, Date: "06/14/69": Scenes from a meeting of the Texas Democratic Party; Channel 11 reporter Judd McIlvain interviews a spokesman about the appeal of the Democrat party.
-- Neil Armstrong Flies Lem Trainer, Date: "06/14/69": Footage of Neil Armstrong flying the Apollo Lunar Module (LM), which was also known as the Lunar Excursion Module (LEM), on a brief test flight.
-- Pretty Day in Houston, Date: "06/14/69": Footage of a man inflating colorful balloons, zoo animals, and people visiting the Houston Zoo.
-- McLemore on Airport, Date: "06/09/69": Footage from William P. Hobby Airport and Houston City Councilman Lee McLemore on possible property development near the airport.



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