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Film Footage of Television News Segments from April 3, 1972


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from April 3, 1972


-- Offshore Drilling, Date: "04/03/74": Footage shows an oil well being drilled as well as an operational oil derrick with the Astrodome visible in the background; interview with a man about the search for oil and gas everywhere and anywhere to get the country past its energy shortage.
-- Wimpy Weeks, Date: "04/03/74": Footage shows a court hearing with close-ups of a prisoner; interview with a man who concludes that each case would need to be taken on an individual basis when requests for extra motions are filed. Channel 11 reporter Ted Groves outside the courthouse to conclude the story on a two-day hearing that could set a precedent for future drug felony cases in the county.
-- Weights, Date: "04/03/74": James Whitmire, a representative of the Texas Department of Agriculture, is filmed introducing himself and explaining the purpose of his visit to a grocery store butcher; Mr. Whitmire proceeds to verify weights and quantities of various goods.
-- Candidate Driver, Date: "04/03/74": Footage of people chatting at a political dinner meeting followed by clips from the actual dinner; wrap up by Channel 11 reporter Judd McIlvain from the cafeteria.
-- Robbery Wrap, Date: "04/03/74": Footage shows pallbearers carrying a casket out of a church and into a hearse; a grieving woman is led away. Footage changes to several young men escorted through the halls of a police department; a man tells a reporter about a defendant’s arrest the previous day in a restroom, in which they found a gun. Two brief scenes show the man picking a bottle out of a box followed by two officers working with rifles.
-- Model Cities, Date: "04/03/74": Footage from the Anchor House showing a sign reading “A project of Model City Dept. City of Houston.” Women are shown sewing inside the building. A man describes to a reporter the city’s ratings of different services. Footage switches to show teens exiting the Comprehensive Education Services Center to board a school bus. Another man explains the funding of three economic development projects for Model City.
-- Astroworld, Date: "04/03/74": A Channel 11 reporter at Astroworld describes five months of work in remodeling Astroworld, which will open again later that week. Footage shows a seal being fed a fish, shrubs being trimmed, rides sitting idle, men building a kiosk, plants in a greenhouse, and other preparatory work.
-- Dr Miller Jr Hi Play, Date: "04/03/74": Footage of African-American teens building a set and rehearsing lines for a school play.




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