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Film Footage of Television News Segments from May 17, 1972


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from May 17, 1972


-- Sports - Hebert, Date: "05/17/72": Golfer Jay Hebert describes and praises the construction of the Bluebonnet Golf Course, designed by Jay Riviere and financed by Dave Brown, including its island-situated 13th hole.
-- Astroworld, Date: "05/17/72": Footage shows construction workers building structures for the “Country Fair circa 1880-1910” attractions.
-- Annexation, Date: "05/17/72": Footage from a city council hearing in which Mayor Louie Welch argues with a Mr. Castillo on the refunding of certain bonds and the calculation of per capita income.
-- Music Theatre, Date: "05/17/72": Footage opens with an establishing shot of a building and backstage costume racks and props being worked on. A Channel 11 reporter interviews Chris Wilson, founder and producing director for Studio 7, children’s acting workshop for Houston Music Theatre, on moving to a different building, who comes to Studio 7, and the positive effects gained by its participants.
-- Olympics, Date: "05/17/72": Footage shows posters for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich and a table model of the Olympic Stadium and Park.
-- Freeway Opens - Noon, Date: "05/17/72": Footage shows a crowd of people gathered near an overpass for a ribbon-cutting ceremony presided over by Houston Mayor Louie Welch.




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