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Film Footage of Television News Segments from April, 1969


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from April, 1969


-- Grant Cook on F.B.I. Bussing, Date: "04/25/69": Attorney Grant Cook speculates on the FBI investigation into the NAACP’s busing plan in Houston.
-- Jim West Home, Date: "04/24/69": Footage of restoration of the Jim West mansion in Clear Lake followed by an interview with a man on the time schedule of the rejuvenation to serve as NASA’s Lunar Science Institute when the Apollo 11 mission concludes.
-- ROTC Inspection, Date: "04/24/69": ROTC members line up outside for inspection, march around the grounds.
-- Absentee Vote, Date: "04/25/69": Footage of a polling booth, with close-ups of the switches inside, and a table with sample ballot and registration forms.
-- West Home, Date: "04/24/69": Footage taken around the mansion as it is restored.
-- Comm Court, Date: "04/24/69": Footage of a board room with some small discussion.
-- Saber Party, Date: "04/24/69": Footage of a small party hosted by the Police Officers Wives Association.
-- T.F.C. Gets it Again, Date: "04/24/69 ": Footage at the Texas Consumer Finance Corp. offices of an unidentified woman being interviewed while a uniformed man talks on the phone.
-- Miss Tex. University, Date: "04/24/69": Women wearing pageant sashes identifying which Texas city they represent exit a bus.
-- Jog - In, Date: "04/23/69": Judge Roy Hofheinz and Mayor Louie Welch race from home plate to first base at the Astrodome with commentary from Dr. Cooley.
-- Girl Scouts, Date: "04/23/69": A woman is interviewed about the problem of traffic violations of mothers driving the wrong way down the one-way street in the school area.
-- Lunar Landing, Date: "04/18/69": Astronauts practice lunar surface procedures for collecting dust, antenna set-up, and solar panels.
-- Federal Housing, Date: "04/18/69": A man speaks about the right of the disadvantaged to move into any section of the city they like if they are part of an unnamed program.
-- Dr. & Nurses, Date: "04/18/69": A man is interviewed on the duties of nurses that, under the current system, overemphasizes work that would be better done by lesser-trained staff.



April, 1969

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