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Film Footage of Television News Segments from 1965


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from 1965


-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of an airplane flying overheard; two men manning some electronic devices; footage of mining/excavation set-ups and men digging in a cave; an unidentified investor in the Salado treasure hunt is interviewed and expresses his faith in the project; two women being filmed leaving a building, shaking hands with an older man on the sidewalk; interview with the two women.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of a courtroom; Leslie Douglas Ashley is shown.
-- Dome Grass Paint, Date: " / /65": Footage of men spraying paint onto the field of the Astrodome.
-- Ashley, Date: " / /65": Brief footage of a man being asked his return trip from Atlanta, Georgia; Interview with an unidentified man about Leslie Douglas Ashley: whether an insane person can waive any rights or is entitled to an attorney, and was Ashley legally extradited from Georgia by the sheriff’s deputies of Wharton County.
-- Duke and Dutchess, Date: " / /65": The Duke and Duchess of Windsor (Prince Edward and Wallis Simpson) visit Houston; Prince Edward is shown exiting a Rolls Royce parked on a runway in front of an airplane, shaking hands with an unidentified man, and then being escorted through a small group of people.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of a pair of women checking voter registrations as well as scenes of people entering polling booths.
-- Hoffeinz, Date: " / /65": Footage of a small press conference; Roy Hofheinz discusses efforts to bring the National Football League to Houston and cooperation with the HAS (Houston Sports Association).
-- Bud Adams, Date: " / /65": Bud Adams describes the financial reasons behind moving the Houston Oilers to Rice Stadium.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: A woman sits on a couch in a dressing room with three men, admiring the clothes one is showing her; footage of Leslie Douglas Ashley in a courtroom.
-- Delarch-Killer, Date: " / /65": Donald David is interviewed about whether he had been mistreated at any time between being picked up by police and brought into the station; he is also asked what he did after leaving his wife in a car in North Harris, but an unseen speaker interrupts to fend off questions about the offense; footage jumps to a scene of a policeman scrutinizing the ground by a light pole.
-- Cold March Days, Date: " / /65": A man in a lab coat slowly rakes the slide of a handgun; a uniformed police officer standing outside a small brick house; inside the house, a detective investigates different rooms.




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