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Film Footage of Television News Segments from June 25, 1971


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from June 25, 1971


-- N. Palm - Special Sessions, Date: "06/25/71": Nancy Palm, chairwoman of the Harris County, Texas Republican Party, comments on errors in Congressional bills in a press conference held in her office.
-- George Osser, Special Pairing, Date: "06/25/71": George Oser describes a new ‘pairing plan’ to fully adhere with a court order and his hopes to turn it into an educational advantage in the way age groups are split across schools.
-- Bunko, Date: "06/25/71": Footage of a man behind a desk talking with a man seated opposite; the first man is shown flipping through some papers that include a mugshot of a young man.
-- Powder Puff, Date: "06/25/71": Footage shows two women in a small plane on the runway and a post-flight wipe-down of the plane.
-- Russians Visit Dome, Date: "06/25/71": Footage shows a delegation walking along a sidewalk outside the Houston Astrodome as well as on the field inside; a sign welcomes the "Russian Engineers Tour." Some play catch with baseballs; another couple of men play soccer with one.
-- Fireworks, Date: "06/25/71": Footage opens on a fireworks stand on Bissonet Street with a slow pan across the fireworks for sale; a fire department officer gives a statement to Channel 11 reporter Paul Allen about the department’s surveillance of fireworks stands to arrest anyone caught transporting fireworks back into the city from those stands.




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