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Film Footage of Television News Segments from January 28, 1972


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from January 28, 1972


-- Redistricting, Date: "01/28/72": Comments from three spokesmen about the re-districting plans for the area.
-- Silva Trial, Date: "01/28/72": Channel 11 reporter Jessica Savage at the Harris County Courthouse with details about the Silva murder trial.
-- Vance Fileing, Date: "01/28/72": Footage from an office where Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance signs a form and a clerk collects money; interview with Mr. Vance about a joint investigation by his department and the police.
-- Female Delinquent, Date: "01/28/72": Footage of two younger girls during an admission interview and of other women at the facility. Channel 11 reporter Bob Nicholas and a spokesman talk about a program for young girls who have been through the legal system.
-- Bill Archer, Date: "01/28/72": Bill Archer talks about racial balance and the need for quality education as opposed to transporting children over many miles.
-- A&P Robbery, Date: "01/28/72": Footage from an A&P food store with a police officer talking to a store employee.
-- Astrodome Cycle Races, Date: "01/28/72": Footage of motor bikes racing over a course in the Astrodome; interview with a race participant as he talks about his racing interests and other competitors.
-- Accidental Shooting, Date: "01/28/72": Footage from the Addicks Shooting Range where there had been a fatal shooting. The sign reads: "Addicks Shooting Range. Home of Crazy Quail Shot Gun Range. Pistol & Rifle Range." Warning: this clip contains graphic material that may not be suitable for all viewers.
-- Astrodome Cycle Races, Date: "01/28/72": A racing event in the Astrodome with several participants racing motor bikes over a course.




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