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Film Footage of Television News Segments from August, 1969


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Film Footage of Television News Segments from August, 1969


-- Taxi Driver Complains, Date: "08/28/69": Spokesman for cab drivers states that they are at a disadvantage compared to limousine drivers because they are not able to solicit trips and the public needs more awareness of taxi cab services.
-- H Pasternak Housing Code, Date: "08/27/69": A spokeswoman comments on the need for Houston to have a housing code.
-- Dump Louie, Date: "08/27/69": Footage from a City Council meeting in session and anti-Louie Welch materials in the G.R.O.W. (Get Rid of Welch) office headquarters.
-- Million Phones, Date: "08/26/69": Houston Mayor Louie Welch displays an engraved business phone in his office to several people.
-- Park Pickets, Date: "08/26/69": A group of young picketers march in front of City Hall and footage from the Port Houston Park grounds.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of a large Chemical Association truck being used to move supplies donated for Hurricane Camille Relief.
-- Dome Tax, Date: "08/25/69": Footage from a Harris County Commissioners Court meeting as they discuss a financial issue relating to the Astrodome.
-- Welsh/Taxes, Date: "08/25/69": Mayor Louie Welch talks about a property tax reduction.
-- Low Water Lake Houston, Date: "08/30/69": Footage from Lake Houston and surrounding area.
-- JC Coffee Stop, Date: "08/30/69": Footage of a man visiting a Jaycee Coffee Stop location.
-- Safety Banners, Date: "08/30/69": Footage of a crash test with a car hitting a group of barrels strapped together.
-- Boxer Show, Date: "08/30/69": Footage from a dog show featuring boxer dogs.
-- Grave Robbers, Date: "08/30/69": Footage from a cemetery and tools used to dig up graves; Channel 11 reporter Judd McIlvain Interviews a cemetery spokesman about bodies being stolen from their grave sites.
-- Helicopter/Short, Date: "08/30/69": A city spokesman comments about the use of the special equipment on routine patrols.
-- []ve City Hall, Date: "08/29/69": An interview with a man appointed to a political position by Mayor Louie Welch.
-- Airport Penalties - Mancuso, Date: "08/29/69": A man comments about a construction company and their work at the airport.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Members of the Harris County Commissioners Court in a meeting voting on a motion; a spokeswoman reads a statement about the failure of the Commissioners Court to appoint election judges from the Republican Party.



Aug. 1969

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