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Objections to the name Astrodome

Memo from County Judge Bill Elliott to L. W. McComachie, Texas High School Coaches Assn.

Letter from Lyndon B. Johnson. U. S. Senate, to County Judge Bill Elliott

Letter from Jon Ford, Governor's Office, to County Judge Bill Elliott

Letter from Ned Gill to County Judge Bill Elliott

Letter from Ned Gill to County Judge Bill Elliott

Letter from Paul S. Visher, Deputy, Assistant Secretary of Defense

Tax Research Association of Houston and Harris County, special newsletter, announcing County Commissioners requesting additional funding for domed stadium

-- U of H Donation, Date: "10/28/69": An unidentified man explains how his son motivated him to donate to the University of Houston at a press conference.
-- Wage + Hrs, Date: "10/28/69": A Channel 11 reporter interviews Mr. Moran on enforcing…

-- Extortion Attempt, Date: "09/24/69": Footage shows exterior and interior of a house in disarray. A resident describes being held hostage. An agent is interviewed about approaching the bank robber, who ultimately shot himself in the head. Warning:…

-- Taxi Driver Complains, Date: "08/28/69": Spokesman for cab drivers states that they are at a disadvantage compared to limousine drivers because they are not able to solicit trips and the public needs more awareness of taxi cab services.
-- H…

-- County Health - Bartonett (3) on Mosquitues, Date: "02/04/69": Bob Bartnett, director of the Harris County Mosquito Control, shows on a map the areas that have already been sprayed for mosquitoes as well as the regions to be sprayed in the future.…

-- Governor Connally, Date: "11/08/62": Footage from the press conference after John B. Connally, Jr., wins the 1962 Texas gubernatorial race.
-- Glenn & Carpenter in [], Date: "11/08/62": Astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter endorse the oral…
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