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The Dome under construction in 1963.

Rosemary Parks and Jamie Carswell, Harris County Engineering Department employees, eating lunch and observing the construction of the Dome.

Interior of the Dome under construction showing the floor and roof structure.

Exterior of the Dome under construction with Jamie Carsell, Harris County Engineering Employee.

Architectual drawing of planned skylight segment of the Domed Stadium

Invitation to celebrate the first year of Mike Driscoll as Harris County Attorney. Size and format replicates the cover of Time Magazine.

Plat likely created by the Public Infrastructure Survey Department.

Original survey damaged by water. This copy made from a microfilm copy of the original

Survey shows the development of the land as of 1987.

Deed for 20.6752 acres of land out of the P. W. Rose and J. Waters Survey

Deed for 193.6894 acres of land out of the P. W. Rose and J. Waters Survey

Deed for 61.4378 acres of land out of the P. W. Rose Survey

List of invitees (or attendees) for John J. Herrera Testimonial Banquet. Document includes names, titles, employers, and occupations.

Letter from the members of the Houston Host Committee for the Congressional Medal of Honor Society thanking John J. Herrera for serving with them on the committee. Includes a report of the details of the committee, including membership, purpose, and…

Enclosure: Status report on Congressional Medal of Honor Society Event

-- 3 Alarm Fire, Date: "01/ /65": Footage of the fire department responding to fire.
-- Arsonist, Date: "01/ /65": Footage of two men speaking in an office.
-- Carswell -City Council, Date: "01/ /65": City Council meeting in session with several…

-- Delarch Killer, Date: "07/06/65": An interview with Donald David, the man accused of killing a cop, explaining his whereabouts before being captured; Mr. David indicates that his life had been threatened by one of the police officers. Related to…

-- Cemetary, Date: "09/03/65": Footage of gravestones in the Houston Pet Cemetery.
-- Dome, Date: "09/09/65": Footage of interior of the Houston Astrodome being set up for a football game with grass being seeded and lines painted on the field.

-- Grand Jury, Date: "11/23/65": Courtroom scenes.
-- Domed Stadium, Date: "11/24/65": Footage of a group of people on a tour of the Domed Stadium; interview with one of the visitors.
-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: An interview with a…


-- Grant Cook on F.B.I. Bussing, Date: "04/25/69": Attorney Grant Cook speculates on the FBI investigation into the NAACP’s busing plan in Houston.
-- Jim West Home, Date: "04/24/69": Footage of restoration of the Jim West mansion in Clear Lake…

-- {Title not provided}, Date: No date: Footage of an airplane flying overheard; two men manning some electronic devices; footage of mining/excavation set-ups and men digging in a cave; an unidentified investor in the Salado treasure hunt is…

-- Buckley on LBJ, Date: "04/18/67": Buckley gives an interview opining that Lyndon Johnson makes disingenuous statements but not in any substantial way on major issues.
-- H. H. on Russian Crash, Date: "04/24/67": Vice President and Chairman of…

-- Clay at Fed Court House, Date: "04/27/67": Footage of Muhammad Ali (formerly Cassius Clay) being interviewed by reporters and interacting with a couple of onlookers (and briefly making a face at the camera); his attorneys Hayden Covington and…

-- Governor Connally, Date: "11/08/62": Footage from the press conference after John B. Connally, Jr., wins the 1962 Texas gubernatorial race.
-- Glenn & Carpenter in [], Date: "11/08/62": Astronauts John Glenn and Scott Carpenter endorse the oral…

-- Stamp Show, Date: "06/13/69": Footage of visitors and exhibitors at the Stamp Show.
-- Von on Crime, Date: "06/11/69": Harris County District Attorney Carol Vance on the need for effective law enforcement and speedy trials.
-- Dome Sitter,…

-- County Health - Bartonett (3) on Mosquitues, Date: "02/04/69": Bob Bartnett, director of the Harris County Mosquito Control, shows on a map the areas that have already been sprayed for mosquitoes as well as the regions to be sprayed in the future.…

-- Airport Downtown, Date: "08/22/69": Channel 11 reporter Norm Gruenzner on the search for an available site for a downtown air terminal and the costs for land purchases.
-- Kid Pickets, Date: "08/22/69": Footage from the Sterlin-Tips store with…

- Auto Fatal, Date: "03/22/71": Footage of a police officer directing highway traffic past the scene of the accident, where two vehicles are shown to be totaled; Bill Sanford, a witness to the accident, describes to a reporter what happened. Mr.…

-- Taxi Driver Complains, Date: "08/28/69": Spokesman for cab drivers states that they are at a disadvantage compared to limousine drivers because they are not able to solicit trips and the public needs more awareness of taxi cab services.
-- H…

-- Extortion Attempt, Date: "09/24/69": Footage shows exterior and interior of a house in disarray. A resident describes being held hostage. An agent is interviewed about approaching the bank robber, who ultimately shot himself in the head. Warning:…

-- U of H Donation, Date: "10/28/69": An unidentified man explains how his son motivated him to donate to the University of Houston at a press conference.
-- Wage + Hrs, Date: "10/28/69": A Channel 11 reporter interviews Mr. Moran on enforcing…

-- N. Palm - Special Sessions, Date: "06/25/71": Nancy Palm, chairwoman of the Harris County, Texas Republican Party, comments on errors in Congressional bills in a press conference held in her office.
-- George Osser, Special Pairing, Date:…

-- Redistricting, Date: "01/28/72": Comments from three spokesmen about the re-districting plans for the area.
-- Silva Trial, Date: "01/28/72": Channel 11 reporter Jessica Savage at the Harris County Courthouse with details about the Silva murder…

-- Sports - Hebert, Date: "05/17/72": Golfer Jay Hebert describes and praises the construction of the Bluebonnet Golf Course, designed by Jay Riviere and financed by Dave Brown, including its island-situated 13th hole.
-- Astroworld, Date:…

-- Offshore Drilling, Date: "04/03/74": Footage shows an oil well being drilled as well as an operational oil derrick with the Astrodome visible in the background; interview with a man about the search for oil and gas everywhere and anywhere to get…

Preliminary drawing of the Astrodome, including proposed rodeo exhibition buildings and surrounding parking areas.

Trail Blazer cashier and waitress uniforms for the Astrodome


Space-ette uniform for the Astrodome


Count Down Cafeteria cashier uniform for the Astrodome


Domeskeller Cafe hostess uniform for the Astrodome


Sky Dome hostess uniform for the Astrodome


Astrodome Club bartender uniform

Stilemen uniform for the Astrodome


A map of the Astrodome stadium seating. All the gates and entrances are listed are the map. Original is a black and white map.

Astrodome interior with baseball configuration

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Interior view during baseball game, Atlanta Braves and Houston Astros


Astrodome color architectural rendering, exterior view, with trees in foreground

Astrodome interior view during college football game, Texas Tech and University of Texas, marching band performance

Tax Research Association of Houston and Harris County, special newsletter, announcing County Commissioners requesting additional funding for domed stadium

The Astrodome was the world's first domed sports stadium, located in Houston, Texas. It was designed by the architecture firms of Hermon Lloyd & W. B. Morgan, and Wilson, Morris, Crain and Anderson. It was completed in November 1964. Arthur E. Jones,…

The Rice University baseball team. They are wearing their baseball uniforms and are sitting down in three lines in front of the stadium seats. There are a few people scattered throughout the stadium seats. Original resource is a black and white…

Rice University Owls football championship photo, players with victory fingers up

Judge Hofheinz on stage before microphone. Other dignitaries on stage. Model of dome in front of Hofheinz.

Aerial photographs of the Houston Astrodome, also known as the Harris County Domed Stadium, shortly after it opened. Old Colt Stadium is to the left of the Astrodome.
Two photographs on one sheet of paper; individual negatives are 4" x 5"
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